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Tenants: Studios

Creatives working from the studio spaces at St Anne's House.


  • Anna Haydock – Wilson

    Anna Haydock-Wilson connects people through participatory activities to encourage discussion and action around shifting societal status quos.

  • Ben Hartley

    Ben Hartley is a Bristol based artist primarily working in sculpture and installation.

  • Buoys Buoys Buoys

    Buoys Buoys Buoys is a Swansea-born bard working in live performance, costume, and installation.

  • Camille Straatman

    Camille is a stained glass artist and metal worker. Her work often explores the boundaries between the natural world and our dream worlds.

  • Cassie Ireland

    Cassie Ireland is a multimedia maker and performer in Bristol. 

  • Co-

    Co- is a collaborative creative development project that aims to provide time and space to both curators and artists within the early stages of their practice. The project brings together a group of creatives to share ideas, skills and knowledge. The space invites artists and curators to co-exist, co-produce and…

  • EBC Day School

    Day School offers artists a shared studio space alongside monthly education days with guest artists, support and advice for work and careers, and other professional development opportunities, community projects and social occasions.

  • Ellie Shipman

    Eleanor Shipman is a participatory artist and illustrator living and working in Bristol.

  • Emma Gregory

    Emma Gregory is an artist, now living in Bristol, although formerly of London, Leeds and Liverpool.

  • Frances Willoughby

    Frances Willoughby (b. 1996) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bristol. Working with sculpture, photography, collage and installation, Willoughby is concerned with the metamorphosis of the human form. Part autobiography, part invented narrative, Willoughby’s work confronts personal trauma, family history, fear and desire.

  • Henry Kenyon

    Photographer + craft workshop facilitator.

  • Jessica Akerman

    Jessica Akerman works across textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting and assemblage.

  • Jo Barker

    Jo (she her) is one half of Black Bark Films, a female led documentary production company that evokes authentic and meaningful conversation by working collaboratively with our clients.

  • Jo Walter

    I am an artist living and working in Bristol. My current work is focussed on memories from my childhood and from the more recent past. I use painting and drawing to explore this theme. My large drawing Room of our Childhood was made with contributions from my siblings who all added their own memories to mine.

  • Joe Tymkow

    Joe is a non-commercial artist; his practice is multidisciplinary in nature, and includes, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, project management and curating exhibitions.

  • Jonah D Kidd

    Jonah D Kidd is a visual and audio artist based in Bristol.

  • Karolina Ptaszkowska

    Across painting and installation, Karolina Ptaszkowska tries to articulate poetic, inter-subjective dialogues. She creates diagrams of fragmented thoughts and emotions that operate fluidly between the future and the past, which she wants to bring to the now.

  • Kirsty Claxton

    Kirsty is a socially engaged artist living and working between Bristol and Wales.

  • Mahtola Eagle-Lippiatt

    Mahtola is a freelance photographer based in Bristol, UK. His love for photography began as a young art student in a darkroom in 2005 and since then he has not stopped taking and making photographs both commercially and more personally, as an artist. 

  • Matthew Lintott

    Matthew Lintott’s work is about deep time and space, explored through the past, the wild and the remote.

  • Simone Hesselberg

    Simone Hesselberg is an artist-curator whose work is centred around support structures, with a focus on alternative pedagogies, collaboration, and co-mentoring

  • Tim Ryan

    Tim Ryan is an artist living in Bristol working across sculpture, drawing and AV.