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Matthew Lintott

Matthew Lintott by Ruby Turner

Matthew Lintott’s work is about deep time and space, explored through the past, the wild and the remote.

Matthew Lintott has always been drawn to places that feel both past and present; unanchored in time. These other places are liminal in nature, where we have the chance to explore the “wild us”.

His practice is centred around an experimental approach to relief printmaking, specialising in woodblock. Traditional Japanese woodblock techniques have been a major influence, which has led me to print predominantly by hand without the use of a printing press. This affords him tonal variations from a single colour, rather than a uniform coverage of ink.  It also encourages a sensitivity of mark making, as the application of pressure becomes a key technique of my visual language. The whole process remains in my hands. Although working in woodblock, the aesthetic is very much informed by the characteristic tonal ranges of the aquatint etching process.

Temple II

1/10 EV


93cm x 60 cm