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Building Accessibility

St Anne’s House is equipped with accessible amenities, ensuring a welcoming environment for all. It offers convenient parking, ramps for easy access, wide doors, inclusive toilets, clear signage, and accessible sinks.

Arriving and entering the building

  • 4 dedicated disabled sparking spaces next to the entrance
  • Entrance is accessible via ramp and accessible electric door
  • Hearing loop in reception
  • Seating in reception
  • Accessible toilet
  • Lift that accesses all floors Width 75cm x Depth 145cm
  • The ground floor kitchen has a low access sink


  • Gender neutral toilets
  • Baby changing station
  • There are four different locations for singular toilets and block toilets


  • The front door has a list of numbers to ring if you are arriving to meet someone in particular
  • Signage in the reception area
  • Way-finding throughout the building


  • Outside seating
  • Seating in the reception
  • Chairs in each room
Disabled parking spaces at St Anne's House
Accessible ramp leading to electric operated door.
Accessible ramp leading to electric operated door
Electric operated door up the ramp from the accessible parking bays
Entrance to the front door has three steps leading up
There’s glass panelled doors and walls upon entry with a pull door
Phone numbers are available on the door to call if the reception area is closed
There’s individual bells you can ring depending on who you’re visiting
The lobby area has a door into the main entrance to the ground floor
The reception desk is on the left of you when entering, when open to the public there will be a member of staff there to answer any questions and welcome you
Electric operated door from the inside
There’s plants, and a mirror upon entering the access door
There’s comfy seat upon arrival in the lobby
There’s signage and a floor plan of the building in the lobby area to help guide you
There’s clear signage throughout the building pointing to rooms
There’s a lift that has access to all floors. Width 75cm x Depth 145cm.
Accessible toilet and baby changing facilities
Low level sink for easy access
Ear loop on reception

You are invited to come along to St Anne’s House. If you have any questions or requirements, you can email or give us a call on 07709 264 201.