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Ellie Shipman

Ellie Shipman in her studio
Ellie Shipman by Alex Blogg

Eleanor Shipman is a participatory artist and illustrator living and working in Bristol.

I am a participatory artist and illustrator living and working in Bristol. My work is concerned with concurrent states of being and the process of drawing out shared commonality between those dichotomies: hope and fear; isolation and togetherness; the domestic and the public; grief and joy. Works are often site specific, participatory or interactive – including people in research, process and product.

I studied BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and MSc Sustainable Development at UWE. My background includes public engagement and community development roles, and I have been a full time artist, illustrator and pattern designer since 2018.

An artwork by Ellie Shipman

How was birth?

Medical screen, vintage handmade quilts, paper tags, safety pins

Installation at Spike Island
Spike Island Open Studios 2023

How was the birth? This artwork aims to shed light on the diversity of the birth experience, simultaneously acknowledging the impossibility of summarising it in one word alongside the vast range of possible birth experiences which we often do not hear about before our first child. 

This year I was awarded Arts Council ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ (DYCP) funding to pursue new avenues in my creative practice and I am currently working on a year-long programme of residencies and new projects with an exhibition coming up at St Anne’s House this November.

An artwork by Ellie Shipman
60,000 Last Breaths, 2019
An artwork by Ellie Shipman
100 Years of Housing in Bath, 2022
An artwork by Ellie Shipman
Injurious Effect, 2023