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Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan is an artist living in Bristol working across sculpture, drawing and AV.


The Thrill of Zilch

‘The Thrill of Zilch’ is a fictional archive of artefacts and ephemera associated with the act of fishing for ‘Zilch’, a fetishised mythical creature that resides in the neglected marginal fringes of our towns and cities. Through a distorted lens, a spoof lore™ riddled with clunky metaphor and absurdity is revealed.

Something Close to Nothing – a Bricks podcast by Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan created an episode about the fishermen of the Feeder Road for Bricks Podcasts.

The podcast is a love letter to coarse fishing in general, viewed through the lens of the Feeder Road. A unique space, capable of visually articulating its own history. Its industrial failure and the nature and wildlife that now thrives in and around its ruins.