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How to find & travel to us

Address: St Anne’s House, St Anne’s Road, Brislington, BS4 4AB

Located just off St Anne’s Road, we are nestled in between Netham Park and St Anne’s Woods.

The best ways to travel to us include:

From Temple Meads:

Walking: 35 minutes

Cycling: 9 minutes

Tier Scooter: 9 minutes

Driving: 8 minutes

Ferry to Netham Lock from the city centre: 50 minutes with 6 minute walk

You could also request a bus using the West Link On-demand, tailor made trips in the West of England area: which will drop you off across the road from us.

We are aware that the public transport in this area of Bristol is lacking, however, there is the option to get the number 36 bus, which will drop you off across the road from us, and aims to leave every 30 minutes.

We have a large free car park, with accessible parking spots, bike racks, and a Tier Scooter parking spot 2 minutes walk away.