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How decisions are made

There are various ways in which decisions are made and informed at St Anne’s House.

We have a paid staff team, a volunteer team of local residents in the form of St Anne’s Action Group, and a volunteer team of trustees that are the ones legally responsible for Bricks – the charity that runs St Anne’s House. 

St Anne’s Action Group (SAAG) meets monthly to steer the direction of St Anne’s House, suggesting programming ideas, future development ideas and being the sounding board for projects being actioned. SAAG is a relatively informal group and takes on an advisory role rather than being legally responsible for any of the decisions made. 

The Bricks board meets every two months to make big decisions on spending and steer the strategic development of the wider charity and are ultimately responsible for decisions made.

Additionally we have a Tenant Group that meets four times a year to represent tenant interests to the team. Informally we are also often using creative processes through our wider programme to understand what people connected to St Annes House want and how things can be improved.

Team Meeting in Blue Room