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Community Climate Action Session 03

What happened in the last community climate action session? 

On the 20th of September over 20 residents came along to our third community conversation exploring what a Climate and Nature Plan for Brislington could be and what it would need to contain. It was a very windy and rainy evening and we are really grateful to everyone who joined us and shared reflections on what they wanted to see for Brislington and what mattered to them. 

In the session Georgia shared what people have said is important for them in terms of climate and nature action so far. We compiled all the priorities and questions that had come out of previous workshops, conversations, surveys and pop-ups at things like Brislington market, which were sorted into different areas such as ‘transport’ and ‘housing’. The group discussed what had come up so far, explored what was missing and what questions we needed to ask. 

It was a really brilliant session and everyone was so generous with their contributions which will all feed into the plan. Here are a few ideas and questions which came out of this session. If you have answers or things to add, let us know!

  • Could there be an Info booklet with infographics for households to help them understand changes they could make (both insulation and other cheaper ways to save energy and money). There are lots of similar types of housing in Brislington, could the info booklet have a couple of blueprints of different types of homes you commonly find locally and provide recommendations tailored to each type of housing? 
  • There are lots of tradespeople and self-employed people living in Bristol. How can we support them and help them access opportunities? Would they be interest in training so they can get involved in things like retrofitting housing and installing renewable energy? 
  • How to restore habitats such as ponds that have fallen into disrepair and are having a negative impact on wildlife?
  • How can we support all the brilliant friends of groups to connect up ‘like mycelium(!)’? 
  • How much understanding do local businesses have around positive changes they could make? What support do they need to make these changes?

Next Session:

Brislington Utopia 2040: A Climate and Nature Action workshop (new rescheduled dates!)

Join us for our next community workshop on climate and nature action in Brislington.

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Date: Wednesday 24 January

Time: 6.15pm – 8.15pm

Location: St Cuthbert’s Church Sandy Park Rd, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3PG (Come in at the bottom of the church /lower road)

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