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Inclusive Climate Action Session 01

On 12 June 2023 we hosted the first session for putting together an inclusive climate action plan for Brislington with local residents.

Read on to find out more about what was discussed and summary from the sessions.

The questions (generated by people attending the event):
‘Do we focus on reducing climate change or on mitigating the impact?’
‘How do we create green spaces in the area (wildlife corridors)?
‘How can we encourage people to ‘green up’ their gardens’?
‘How can we increase the amount of greenery funded by authorities?’
‘How can we become food resource resilient e.g. growing much more veg and fruit
‘How do we make the process fun, active and easily actionable? (not too much
‘How do we map the range of experiences of people in the area?’
‘How do individuals know what their impacts actually are?’
‘Should we design our plan by going forward or working back from the future we
want to see?’
‘How do you prioritise the many different subtopics of climate change, such as
energy, waste, dealing with extremes of temperature and buildings, accordingly?’