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Climate Action Plan for Brislington

Greener fairer future – Brislington’s Community Climate Action Plan.

This plan was created by the community in Brislington. It serves as an inspiration for community action and advocating for change.

What is a climate action plan?

A document which details priorities and steps to be taken to achieve goals around climate and nature. We co-created the community climate action plan with people living in Brislington, it draws on the experience and knowledge of people living in the area who have the most at stake with changes made where they live.

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What happened?

The creation of the plan happened through many different conversations, over cups of tea, at local markets, community picnics, on the phone and over email. 

We utilised the community newsletter BRIZ to spread the word and ran an online survey. Throughout the year we hosted a series of dedicated community conversations and workshops where local people could come together and share what was important to them and hear from other community members.

We explored people’s ambitions, asked what was missing and what we still needed to find out.

Read the Climate Action Plan

A summary and easy to read document is in the making.

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What happens next?

We hope that by pulling together different thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants, and sharing them in this document, people can see the actions needed in the area to help improve, grow, and support change. 

The plan is a starting point for community members to begin to work together and begin making a difference! 

We will be hosting an event at St Anne’s House during the Great Big Green Week in June to share the plan further and explore next steps. If you are interested save the date: Wednesday 12 May 6.30pm. 

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Launch event

Hosted at Sparks Bristol, along with Southmead, Knowle West, Bedminster, & Hillfields.

What is happening already?

Already there are different groups and activities started up in response to the plan, including: St Anne’s Community Gardening Group and Batch Cook Club, if you’d like to get involved in there please visit the webpages. 

There are already brilliant groups of volunteers across who are giving up their time to make a difference to local people and places. Follow links below to find out more and see how you can get involved (let us know if you are involved in something you would like to be included below)

We were thrilled to be part of Bristol Climate and Nature Partnership community climate action Project helping put together this inclusive plan for the Brislington area.

If you have any questions about the project and plan, please get in touch with