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Ellie Shipman's Billboard on Temple Gate with a person walking underneath

RE:COLLECTION Reaches the streets of Bristol!

The streets of Whitby Road Bridge, Whitby Road Brewers and Temple Gate in Bristol showcase RE:COLLECTION – Regathering Social Practice by Visual Artist Ellie Shipman.

During her first major solo show, exhibiting artworks from the past 12 years, Ellie held talks, workshops, and opening nights around ‘Regathering Social Practice’. The show was a huge success with a variety of visitors exploring the work, and engaging in unique conversations with the artist and others.

What adds an extra layer to this project is the generous donation of billboard space by JACK ARTS, an integral part of the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family. JACK ARTS, known for infusing cities with creativity and inspiring cultural campaigns, has once again reaffirmed its commitment to elevating the arts scene in Bristol.

Ellie Shipman's Billboard on Whitby Gate Bridge with a person walking Ellie Shipman's Billboard on Temple Gate.
Ellie Shipman's Billboard on Whitby Road Brewers

The three billboards share Ellie’s Bricks Podcast Ep with Curator Elita Robertson, a listen about the exhibition, the exploration in Ellie’s practice and delves into the questions surrounding the work. You can listen to the podcast episode here.

We’re proud to have supported Ellie Shipman in this part of her practice, and to help showcase all the incredible work she’s undertook with communities over the past decade.

Thank you to JACK ARTS, Ellie Shipman, Elita Robertson, and all those who visited St Anne’s House during the exhibition.

  • Ellie Shipman

    Ellie Shipman [she/her] is a visual and participatory artist whose practice is concerned with concurrent states of being and the process of drawing out shared commonality between them: hope and fear; isolation and togetherness; the domestic and the public; grief and joy.