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Wonderful opening for Ellie Shipman’s first major solo show!

Last week on Thursday 02 November, we saw the opening of RE:COLLECTION – regathering social practice by visual artist Ellie Shipman, and curated by MA Curator and Bricks Placement Elita Robertson.

RE:COLLECTION is an investigation to where social practice sits in contemporary art, where participatory artworks created by Ellie Shipman over the last 12 years are recollected, regathered and re-presented in the gallery space at St Anne’s House.

The show is supported by Bricks, and saw a successful opening event in celebration of the work.

Elita and Ellie hosting a walk through around the collection
Guests during RE:COLLECTION

At 5pm, a private view started where Ellie and Elita hosted a walk through of the collection, bringing up topics such as repetition, yourself in artwork, participation, community, and more. Following the private view the show was open for the public to explore.

During the evening there was a pop up stall with food by Indian Summer Kitchen, and a Bricks Bar providing refreshments for visitors. Thank you to all who attended the event during the rainy dark November evening!

‘This exhibition has enabled reflection on my practice at a scale I could not have thought possible this time last year. The opening night was a dream, friends and family, past, present and hopefully future clients and project partners were enthusiastic and engaged. I am pleased the work remained interesting and engaging even as the evidence of a participatory process, showing me that it can stand alone in a gallery space.

Feedback was so generous and positive, but I would be interested in any critical feedback and responses to the work in this gallery context too. It’s always good to share work, and to have the opportunity to reflect on my entire career to date has been phenomenal.’

– Ellie Shipman, Artist.

Artist Ellie Shipman talking about the show
Indian Summer Kitchen

The themes are both general and specific to the works, and interconnect in many different ways, some of these connections are highlighted in the exhibition texts and guide, others require a little more consideration to uncover, which is why we are running additional casual events alongside the exhibition.

These events hope to channel the artist’s approach to engagement by offering more casual settings to converse with others about the ideas behind the show and offer more insight into the process of recollecting these works, given that open dialogue has been so central to our working dynamic” 

– Elita Robertson, Curator.

Opening night for RE:COLLECTION
The Decision Machine 2022, revisited in 2023

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