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Shared Reading Group

A group to read different things together and share ideas for those who love reading or want to begin reading more. Welcome to all levels and experience.

Wednesday mornings, 10.30am – 12pm, St Anne’s House.

Try shared reading in Bristol with us

These free sessions are a chance for you to come together in St Anne’s to read and listen to stories and poems together. There’s no pressure to read aloud, you can simply come along, have a tea, sit back and enjoy some story-telling!

These sessions have been running every week since 2022. They’re typically smaller groups of individuals who join for a variety of reasons, whether you love reading and want to share their passion with a group, or whether you don’t get to time to read in your day-to-day life and want a dedicated space for this. It’s a great way to meet new people and explore different books and poems.

It’s great because unlike a book club, you aren’t expected to have read the piece before discussing, we read together and then continue the next week. It’s a chance to read different books I’d not choose for myself and that’s a lot of fun!

– Regular participant

You are invited to come along to Shared Reading sessions. They happen every Wednesday from 10.30am – 12pm, no need to book, but please arrive at the beginning. If you have any questions or requirements, you can email or give us a call on 07709 264 201.