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A football with 'St Annes F.C.' written on with sharpie at St Anne's Park

Super Duper St Anne’s F.C. – Podcast Episode

[19 mins]


The Super Duper St Anne’s F.C. is a podcast set a few decades into the future, part documentary on the historical St Anne’s / BS4 football scene and part fiction speculating on the meteoric rise of a new, community team St.Anne’s F.C who are on the cusp of promotion to the Inter-Britain Cooperative Premier Division.

This podcast brings together a body of research undertaken as part of the ongoing project Super Duper St Anne’s F.C., which investigates the demise of any football club playing in or representing the community of St.Anne’s and through the construction of a new fictional football club speculates of the  benefits the establishment of a club would bring to the community, such as; ownership, pride, health & wellbeing. 

The Super Duper S Anne’s F.C. utilises interviews conducted with local residence, Gloucestershire FA, Bristol non-league football experts and grassroots supporters whom discuss the multilayered barriers facing the game currently.

Whilst the second part of the podcast, set in 2040, playfully predicts the rise of a successful, fan-owned, community football club via faux-interviews with three characters integral to this fictional team, voiced by Edmund C. Short and narrated by Jonathan Kelham.

  • Jonathan Kelham

    Super Duper St Anne’s F.C. – Podcast Episode Jonathan [B.1986 East Riding of Yorkshire] is an artist, researcher and educator based in Bristol. He has completed Postgraduate Qualifications at Birmingham IAD and University of Essex [UK.], and is currently undertaking an Art Practice PhD at UCA. …