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St Annes Stories – Podcast Episode

22 November [29 min]


In this podcast we explore the stories, memories and myths of St Anne’s, a hidden corner of Bristol with an intriguing history.

You can listen to conversations and contributions from local residents, aged under 10 to over 90, where they speak about the histories of St Anne’s House and the surrounding area. The episode also shares restored archive recordings from Bristol M-Shed’s industrial and maritime history collection. These original tapes contain interviews with those who worked around Bristol between 86 and 88 as part of the ‘Bristol at Work Project’.

A child stood infront of digger taken in 1983 outside St Anne's House.

Part of Bricks’ Gather St Anne’s Project and produced by Rowan Bishop. Huge thank you to Bristol M-Shed and Museums, as well as the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting this project.

Accompanying this episode is A History of St Anne’s

In this junior podcast episode, you are invited to hear a young person from St Anne’s explore a medieval site of pilgrimage in their local area with expert podcast maker, Rowan Bishop.

Join Taryn and Rowan as they explore a Holy Well and a historical house dating back to the 1600s; a site traveled to by the sailors of Bristol as well as Henry VII.

To listen please visit our Soundcloud here to listen.

  • Rowan Bishop

    Podcast Producer (Freelance)