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Gather St Annes

Gather St Annes explores the histories of St Anne’s House and the surrounding area with young people, artists, local residents, tenants and community groups. Histories to myths, memories to hopes, the collaboration brings people together and shares local voices in St Annes, Bristol.

Gather St Anne’s brings together local knowledge and artistic practice to explore and reinterpret the histories of St Anne’s House and the surrounding area.

So far, there have been five day-long creative masterclasses, where 16 – 20 year old’s have collaborated with local artists to reveal and reappraise heritage.

There have been research trips to local archives and museums with tenants and residents.

The research and collaborations with artists have resulted in the creation of a podcast (coming soon) and archive exhibition, these aim to act as a starting point to share stories, ask questions and find out what the past can tell us about the future.

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