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Confine + Escape

30 October – 20 November 2022

Welcome to confine + escape, a sharing of what it means to be creative in confinement. Four individuals come together to communicate their means of escapism through multimedia practices. For some this has meant creating work that focuses on new or alternate realities and for others it has meant approaching their current reality with a new mindset.

The exhibition celebrates adaptability and resilience, highlighting how creatives have had to be versatile in approaches to their practice during 2020/2021.

The Artists

Jack Jones | Out Of Office

How do we holiday in the future?
Out of Office proposes taking
holidays using Google Street view,
admiring the world, during our
lunch breaks! On average 9.7 extra
days of holidays were carried over
from 2020 leaving a workforce in
need of a break and what better
way to squeeze it in then during
our lunchbreaks with our feet firmly
under our desks.

Ori Attwool | Moments

Moments is a short, animated film
using a mismatch of different styles in
a cross convergence of realities.
It features a small collection of
seemingly meaningless moments and
conversations from the first half of 2021.

With a particular interest in the
overlap of natural and manmade
environments, Moments combines
both traditional and digital media.

Emilia Ashby | Boyd’s Room

Throughout the fiIm I used
polyethylene sheets to create a
physical barrier between me and the
camera to represent the distance
between myself and reality. This
disconnect I believe is heightened by
being removed from normality whilst
moving from childhood to adulthood
and struggling to find purpose in my
daily routine without school, friends or
work. This lack of routine caused any
sense of time to disappear as it no
longer affected me and made reality
an even more distant concept.

Moon Immisch | Transendence

Transcendence is an ongoing body
of work in which Moon has built an
alternative utopian reality made up
of unusual neon landscapes and
powerful otherworldly female
creatures who have evolved out of
nature. Moon’s aim with this project is
to create the world she would rather
inhabit, free of judgment and shame,
where freedom & growth in all its
different forms are celebrated.

Curated by Victoria Mccusker

Confine + Escape was curated by Victoria McCusker and was a collaboration between MA/MFA Curating, UWE Bristol and Bricks. This project formed the final part of her one year training placement with Bricks.