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Matthew Lintott Time, Real and Imaginary


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Edition of 45

46 x 46 cm

Hand printed woodcut made with fossilised ink from the Jurassic period.

The artist

Matthew Lintott

Matthew Lintott is an artist specialising in woodblock printmaking, often printing by hand without the use of a printing press.  His practice is focused on evaluating our present dis-connect to our natural environment by exploring personal and collective memory.  To embrace the value of looking back as much as forward in the context of our ever growing reliance on modern technology.  To perhaps re-discover what we may have forgotten.

His process begins with photography and drawing, then continues through to an experimental approach to relief printmaking.  This was born out of a fascination with the Japanese woodblock tradition and practical improvisational techniques for guiding the creative process.  He incorporates drawn elements, intuitive mark making and found materials.  His research is focused on celebrating and unearthing something from the past that appears valuable or forgotten in the present. An object, an image, a forgotten ceremony or ritual or personal experience.

He is currently working on a series of prints based on 50 year old mountaineering photography taken by his late father.  The work is a collaboration in some sense.  In some way this process connects me to him.  I feel like I am almost standing where he chose to stop that day.

The darker tones in the print contain ink made from 200 million year old fossilised squid ink.  Connecting to the age of the mountain range itself - around 10 million years.  In this sense there is both a geological and generational arc of time embedded within the print.