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Ben Hartley Ruderal Artist Book


Limited edition of ten A5 booklet printed on 100% recycled paper,
bound with scavenged plastic rope and
rubber bands, each featuring unique
samples of dried ruderal plants and rubbish.

A5 [14.8 x 21 x 3 cm]

To accompany and expand on Episode 4 of
the Bricks Podcast, “Ruderal”.

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The artist

Ben Hartley

Ben Hartley is a Bristol based artist primarily working in sculpture and installation.

Harnessing their perpetual state of eco-anxiety and preoccupation with material waste, for the last four years Ben’s practice has been centred around experimenting with low-impact, non-extractive and ecologically sustainable approaches to art-making with a focus on sculptural practice. Informed by the self-initiated method of working the Circular Practice, research, mapping, visual histories and speculative fiction, Ben is interested in telling stories through objects and materials.

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