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Mayking space

We have partnered up with MAYK to develop our rehearsal space at St Anne’s House

MAYK is one of the country’s leading live performance producing organisations. Based in Bristol but working internationally, we create dynamic meeting points for participation in world-class live performance both in and out of traditional art spaces.

Mayking Space is located on the top floor of our creative hub.

Mayking Space is a rehearsal and development space dedicated to artists making and exploring live performance. Our hope with this new venture is that this space will become a lively and welcoming part of Bristol’s creative community, and beyond.

MAYK have been interested for a while in what it would mean for them as a producing organisation but not a venue to host a space where people can come together and make stuff. Their intention is that this will be an accessible resource for a city-wide community. A safe space to make, and a place for them to support artists with whom they already have a creative relationship and also those they don’t… yet. 

A rehearsal space yes, but also a room for making new connections through having conversations and generally finding moments to come together. 

Interested in rehearsing in the MAYKing space?

We’d love to invite you in, visit MAYK’s website for more details and to register interest

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Led by Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin, MAYK was established in 2011 and continues to make a space for a holistic, long term approach to creating memorable experiences that are accessible to lots of people.