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Welcome to St Anne’s House, a three-story 1950s old council building nestled just off St Annes Road in Bristol.

A perfect filming spot for those looking for space that represents places such as a government building, civil building, school, hospital building, prison, or law enforcement building.

The 50’s interior includes charming details such as tiling, windows, wood panelled rooms, open stairwells and long corridors. There are facilities such as dated toilets, showers, and kitchens, as well as rooms such as offices, boardrooms, training rooms, and even a safe room with original tiling.

There’s large ground floor rooms which are perfect for set building as well as an enclosed walled roof, and large car park.





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Previous filming that has happened at St Anne’s House over the past two years

BBC & HBO Comedy drama – Rain Dogs

BBC Crime drama – The Sixth Commandment

Music video – Waldo’s Gift

Music video – John Matthias & Jay Auborn: Dive Into This