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Tim Lane

Tim Lane favours an unplanned, automatic drawing method that inspires highly charged symbolic imagery. His work plays with the narrative openness of myth: exploring the world in an often dark and imaginative way. Lane’s drawings are in a mix of media, gestural in style and explore a highly personal set of natural symbols, prompting self-reflection in the well of human experience. His work gives form to the complex emotions stirred by recent events, fatherhood, mortality and the sublime.


I S L A N D S / C L U M P S

COMING THIS AUTUMN A new series of works visually exploring and processing the complex emotions and thoughts stirred up by recent events and on fatherhood. Themes of vulnerability, isolation, duty, freedom, mortality. All imaginatively compartmentalised and individually mused upon and processed through a sometimes pleasing, sometimes unsettling, even darkly humorous series of separate islands.

Silent Quarter (artist book)

Silent Quarter is a short story told through a combination of writing and drawing. The playful structure is most akin to a concept album. It has short written passages that fit together in a loose story arch which are like the lyrics. The ‘music’ is then provided by the large images that literally ‘open up’ on fold-out pages and augment the text – lending mood, symbolism and providing time for reflection. The idea is not a fixed narrative but instead something that is open and flexible to the reader. Through this pleasing and inventive relationship between written vignettes and immersive artworks the narrative unfolds. The fragmented combination of text and image – at once illustrative but also at times more oblique in representation – creates an artwork that fires your imagination and leaves space for a more individual experience and interpretation.

Anima Mundi (artist book)

Anima Mundi is a 5-metre long, graphite on paper drawing, which folds into an A5 book and slipcase. The pages can be recombined with each other by folding the pages back and forth in different combinations, revealing new narratives and as such resists being pinned down to one linear reading or explanation. The drawing process took two years and as a result the work is rich with imagery and emotion. Anima Mundi asks more questions than it answers – it’s a starting point for imaginative thought and exploration of some of the most fundamental and timeless ideas and questions. Anima Mundi explores myth in its wider sense, anachronistically bringing together icons and motifs from different world mythologies to create an enigmatic open-ended narrative.

Anima Mundi (artworks)


BA Hons Illustration, Falmouth University (2004)

Anima Mundi (edition) The British Library Artists’ Book Collection. London.

Anima Mundi (edition) Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva, Switzerland.

Anima Mundi (edition) Brighton University. Brighton

Anima Mundi (edition) University of Chicago’s Art Faculty. Illinois

Silent Quarter, Antlers Gallery, (2016)

Anima Mundi, Antlers Gallery, (2014)

Revelations, Knifesmith Gallery (2010)

The Innocents?, Knifesmith Gallery, (2009)

The Grotesque, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco (2014)

Kindred, Curious Duke Gallery, London (2014)

Other Nature, Antlers Gallery, London (2012)

Old Beliefs, Antlers Gallery, Stroud (2012)

Narrative, Antlers Gallery, Ilkley, Yorkshire (2011)

Anatomy, Antlers Gallery, (2010)

Grotesques, Antlers Gallery,(2009)

Out of Darkness 2 Literary Festival, The Globe – Hay-on-Wye (2009)

Mythologies, Nails Gallery, (2008)

Three, The Berkeley Square Hotel, (2007)

Out of Darkness, The Globe – Hay-on-Wye, (2007)

MORTAL: Life, Death and Memento Mori, The Pro-Cathedral, Clifton (2007)

Group Show, The Square Gallery, Bristol (2007)

Group Show, The David Simon Gallery, (2007)

Bristol Art Show 07, Centrespace Gallery, (2007)

Three, The Grant Bradley Gallery (2007)

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