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Synnøve Frederick

Synnøve is a sensory designer, artist and maker.
Creating installations, sets and furniture that communicate emotion, orientation and story through the senses. Trained as a designer and furniture maker she uses a wide knowledge of sustainable materials, plants, light and sound to create tactile and welcoming spaces.

Her artistic works Look through craft and landscape to explore belonging and connection. She has researched palaeolithic processes, from fire by friction and green wood work to leather tanning, to uncover the origins of how we consume and design. These techniques reveal our most basic requirements to feel at home and guide the objects she produces.

She values collaboration, creating new works with directors, dancers, gardeners and schools.

Showing at spaces from the South Bank Centre in London and Tribeca Film Festival New York, to domestic homes, food markets and gardens internationally and for local benefit.



Salmon Skin Umbrella

840mm x 700mm x 700mm.
12 British salmon skins, tanned with Suffolk & Somerset Willow bark tea made with bark from a tree over 30 years old, Cotton thread, 1960’s umbrella frame from Somerset and Buckskin trim.

It holds a relationship between us and the landscape, selecting and creating a material that guards us from exposure to the outside world. Protecting from the migratory, genetic and circumstantial landscapes; British rain or the Indian sun.

The umbrella is one object as part of a group of objects looking at the nature of skin and belonging.

Mistakes tables

1100mm x 350mm x 550mm
These tables look at what is attractive in human error. When it’s not 90 degrees, or you’ve cut something to short and you need to find a way to fix it and find a more beautiful solution. Exploring what’s makes a bespoke object over something mass produced.

Smoke Tables

Various Sizes
The history of fire by friction held in a long winded Rube-goldberg machine taking us back through the ages and giving us smoke.

Fire by friction takes skill, listening, will, respect and knowledge. The cogs that drove it also needed patience to understand and the motor that drove that needed many people’s skill and consistency to drive the cog that wound the cord that drilled the stick. This piece is built of many prototypes and experiments and pays homage to the history of tools

Edge of things

As part of a continued exploration of ‘skin’, where we begin and end, the Newlyn Art Gallery was transformed into a compartmentalised set. Sand from the public Cornish coast line was wheeled into the private rooms of the Gallery. Brooms were distributed and people were invited to remake the borders, or ignore the sand. To play and see where the edge of things were.


BRIGSTOW INSTITUTE – Who’s in our food? Craft story telling residency with Amy Rose

COVE PARK Devising new work with Director Caroline Williams & Christina Hardinge
LOSS Movement practice development (ACE funded)

WILD WOOD RESIDENCY Drawing & colour – Alde Valley Festival, Suffolk.
TRANSITIONS RESIDENCY selection ‘The Edge of Things’ – Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall.

WILD WOOD RESIDENCY Tanning deer hides – Alde Valley Festival, Suffolk.

ALDE VALLEY ARTIST RESIDENCY Tanning deer hides – Suffolk, UK.
LINZ CULTURAL PROGRAMME Two-part residency at Atelierhaus – Salzamt, Austria.

SONDRY FOLK / PINETUM RESIDENCY at the Pine Arboretum – Kent, UK.
GRUNTVIG In-Service Training award, Palaeolithic Processes and living. Italy.

Residency traditional fire making, and mechanisms – Dale, Norway.
OBJECT ATELIER with Alex Parry funded by The Juliet Gomperts Trust – France.

PEOPLE’S PRIZE Metis International Garden Festival 2011

THE COLLIDER Set design for the Interactive Installation on Human connection devised with Anagram, With National Theatre Digital Story Telling unit and Digital Catapult London & Bristol. Shown at the IDFA Amsterdam, Tribeca Film Festival NYC and Venice International Film
Festival. Winning best immersive artwork at the Sandbox immersive festival in China.

CLOUDSPOTTING – The subversive act of Horizontality. An Installation devised with director Raquel Meseguer and composer Jamie McCarthy with Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol and Ovalhouse Theatre, London. Exhibited at Ovalhouse Theatre and Southbank Centre – London, Watershed – Bristol, Attenborough Arts – Leicester.

CRAFT SCHOOL Fire Table videos: the process of making fire. Group exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall.

ALL THE JOURNEYS I NEVER TOOK, Immersive set design. Touring across the UK.

YOU MOVE ME Group exhibition with Antlers Gallery and lead artists Jo Lathwood.
MUSEUM OF EAST ASIAN ART Community workshops – Bath, UK.

WILD CITY Community led exhibition at Knowle West Media Centre – Bristol.
SANCTUARY Design of the touring installation with artist, Caitlin Shepherd.

OBJECT ATELIER Object tour and exhibition at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol UK.

OBJECT ATELIER Interactive objects tour at local markets in France.
ALGAEGARDEN People’s Prize winner at Metis International Garden Festival.

BACTERIA GARDEN Installation at FARM:shop London.
Installation at INDEX exhibition, Toronto Canada. Metis International Garden Festival Canada, produced with Wayward Plants & Dr. Brenda Parker
SPECIAL WORKS A camouflage training, report and exhibition mimicking the school set up during World War 1 in Kensington Gardens, London.
PUPPET TABLE Performance at the ROUNDHOUSE London.
SKETCHES Show at 115 Workplace Co-operative.

BACTERIA FARM at FARM:shop. London, UK.
FOOD RULES at the East London Sukkah – Spitalfields, London.

MUSEUM OF MODERN ART The Doffing Headphones ‘Design & the Elastic Mind’ –
New York, USA.
SLOW Exhibition ‘Mass Production’ & ‘Water’ at Edward Cullinan Architects, UK.

CLOUDSPOTTING at Pervasive Media Studio Talks, Watershed, Bristol. (2018)

YOU MOVE ME Artists Talk (2015)

NOMADIC GARDENS talk for MA Architecture Royal College of Art (2011)

SPECIAL WORKS FIRST REPORT for the Special Works School (2011)

HAND MADE book edited by Tessy Britton Collaborative essay on Hosting space with Limina (2010)

24 HARPER ROAD Tate Modern Youth Group Discussing Food & Power (2010)

DESIGN & the ELASTIC MIND book by Paula Antonelli for the New York Museum of Modern Art

HYBRIDS: towards new typology of beings & animal products (2005)

Living and learning techniques and processes in the village of //Xa//oba Namibia with Ju/’Hoansi San Bushmen

2014 – 2015
City & Guilds Certificate in Furniture Making, level 1 & 2 Distinction

2009 – 2014
Bushcraft & survival training, UK. Primitive skills training with Lynx Wilden

Assistantship in Greenwood work with Mike Abbot

2003 – 2006
BA(hons) 2.1 Product Design Central St Martins College of Art & Design