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Ryan Convery-Moroney

Ryan is a portrait and documentary photographer based in the south west, working with still and moving imagery. The foundation of his practice stems from an inherent connection to space and urban planning. He is interested in social structure, psychogeography, spatial practices and the multifaceted use of space.

He was first drawn to photography through riding BMX, where he also developed an indisputable appreciation of concrete, urban space and architecture. He went on to study photography at Portsmouth and has since relocated to Bristol.

Since moving to Bristol Ryan has been working as a Greengrocer (except on Sundays). Which has led him to embark on a personal project documenting his workplace, Pawsons.




pile of cardboard boxes



A current work in progress; documenting a traditional greengrocer based in Bishopston, Bristol. This body of work also seeks to question and unearth the issues faced with being a cash only business within a rapidly modernising society.

Site Studies

Site Studies examines the remaining built up social housing from the postwar period. Using the tight vertical crop of 35mm as a metaphor for Britain’s expansive pressure for the development of vertical space due to its limited horizontal periphery and dense population.

Many of the associated areas from this period have been demolished and redeveloped as a result of poor maintenance, living standards and social deprivation despite its original socialist intentions. This project seeks to explore the remarkable spaces created from this movement in isolation of who and how it is lived.


A selection of portraits.

Wavy Trousers

An ongoing series focusing on trousers outside of the generic social norm


  • Photography BA, University of Porstmouth (2016-2019)