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Phillipa Klaiber

Phillipa Klaiber (b.1992) is a long-form documentary photographer, whose projects are rooted in our connection to the land, social identity and the human need to belong. Her most recent work, Vorest, is a meditation on the changing landscape of the Forest of Dean.

Phillipa has been featured by Lens/cratch, Photomeet, The Pupil Sphere and Phroom Magazine. She was shortlisted for the GRAIN Bursary, Film Photo Award and Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Award.

She is a recent graduate of MA Photography from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).



On the English side of the Welsh border is the Forest of Dean. It is a forest of plantation and ancient woodland, of farmland, heathland, quarries and mines.Locally it is known as the Forest, and its inhabitants, Foresters.

In this forest there is a collective desire among the inhabitants to maintain the ecological balance of their land. There are age-old rites and laws on land use that can only be upheld by a Forester, contributing to the foundation of their culture and collective memory.

Vorest considers the relationship between the narratives of the past and the environment in the present; a shift in perspective from the modern idea of ownership of land, to a more balanced relationship with it.

This work combines my own photographs with digitally-sourced aerial images and archival material found locally. It considers the land in detail, its topography, traces of past human activity and our role within it.

I grew up on the border of the Forest. In this landscape, I am both a Forester and an outsider. Through Vorest, I endeavour to better understand this land and our place within it.


  • MA Photography, University of West England (2018-2020)
  • BA(Hons) Fine Art Photography, University of Gloucestershire (2011-2014)

  • Phroom Magazine (2020)
  • The Pupil Sphere, graduate showcase (2020)
  • Photomeet “The Rural” (2020)
  • Lens/cratch interview and feature (2020)

  • Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Award – commended entry (2020)
  • Film Photo Award, student project award – finalist (2019)
  • GRAIN Bursary – shortlisted (2019)

  • QUOTE/UNQUOTE MA photograph graduate exhibition – online (2020)
  • Zeitgeist Exhibition: Diffusion Festival, Cardiff (2017)
  • Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, Royal Geographical Society, London (2016)