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Nick Grellier

Nick Grellier works across drawing, collage, print, stitch and assemblage using old technologies and low value, worn out materials to counterbalance the speed and dehumanising rush of life. Deteriorating materials are imbued with data, passively demonstrating survival and decay; and ideas about time and memory. The slow and intensive labour of drawing, stitching and gathering splice together past and present, addressing a yearning for time to be slowed. Sometimes the subject of the works are uncomfortable or somber but there is an ingrained edge of playfulness, a vital tragic-comic balance.

In her year long drawing research project 366, Nick made a daily collage looking into human behaviours, and building on her visual language, while embracing the possibility of failure as a productive way of thinking. In their size and intimacy, the drawings cross boundaries between the highly personal and the general human condition.

MFA UWE Bristol 2020, Associate Artist FLOORING Collective (launch Nov 2020). She lives and works in Stroud.



When her mother was six, her grandfather killed himself. He may have been having a love affair, or her grandmother was having one. Or he was an alcoholic, Or he killed his father-in-law in a car crash. He may have had debts he couldn’t pay. There may be very little truth to the story. It may be too late to know.

extract from Cheer Up, Love Nicola Grellier 2020

APPREHENSION 2019 pencil on collage on board 107 x 153cm


She can’t help being bourgeois. She was born that way.

extract from Cheer Up, Love Nicola Grellier 2020

CONSUMPTION  2020silk, cotton wadding and wool 121 x 128 cm


Her mother had wanted a different life but had no will to change the one she was living.

extract from Cheer Up, Love Nicola Grellier 2020

DOMESTIC OBJECTIONS 2020 digital photograph

no backbone 229/366

She had to practice using the fire escape. She was sixteen. It was the time she found out that she was scared of heights. Her brothers were excited about the whole thing. She had to put the rope in a noose around her torso and climb out of the window. One brother was egging her on by the window, the other one was down below looking up her skirt. She could see that the rope was loose and she was going to drop before the slack was taken up. She couldn’t get any words out and clung to the window ledge. In the end she had to let go.

extract from Cheer Up, Love Nicola Grellier 2020


TODAY  366 drawings 2019-2020 drawing and collage 19 x 19cm each

no backbone 229 is shortlisted for Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020 

The year of drawing can be viewed on Instagram @nick_grellier


• Foundation Diploma Wimbledon School of Art 1984-85

• BA Fine Art Chelsea School of Art 1985-88

• MA Fine Art UWE Bristol 2017-2020

TODAY 366 drawings SVA John Street Stroud 2-18 October 2020

FUTURE GIANTS The Malthouse for Select Festival 2017

FURNISH Emma Leschallas Tetbury 2012

RUN 50!  Mount House Gallery Marlborough 2011

WRECKS West Eleven London 2011

CAVE DRAWINGS Tricycle Gallery London 2006

CAVE DRAWINGS Stone Theatre Waterloo 2005

BOONDOGGLE Sieff Tetbury 2005


TRINITY BUOY WHARF DRAWING PRIZE 2020 October 2020-Jan 2021 various across UK

THE OUTPOSTED PROJECT  summer/autumn 2020

MERCATUS LIBER – VENICE VENDING MACHINE Venice Agendas Hamilton House, Bristol 2019

HUMANISING MEDICINE ‘this time it’s personal’ BEING HUMAN FESTIVAL Bart’s Pathology Museum London 2019

RWA 167  OPEN RWA Bristol 2019

FOAM MA Interim Centrespace Bristol 2019

80’S FILM POSTERS RE-INTERPRETED Stroud Film Festival SVA 2019

INCENDIARY SVA & Lansdown Galleries Stroud & Hardwick Campus Uni of Glos 2019

EVERYONE IS VERY HAPPY AND NOT CONFUSED MA Interim Hamilton House Bristol 2018

LYNN PAINTER STAINERS Mall Galleries London 2018

ART WOMEN AND THE EVOLUTION The Bloomsbury London 2018

RWA 165 Open Bristol 2017

JERWOOD DRAWING PRIZE London, Bath, Leigh, Bournemouth 2016

ING Discerning Eye Mall Galleries London 2016


Bad Drawing intentions for, status of, and metal health when drawing. Ongoing discussions with artist and PhD drawing researcher Emily Lucas. Recording Oct 6 • available at soon after

A Slight Increase In Happiness zoom talk BRICKS Bristol Oct 7 2020 1-2pm

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize zoom talk and drawing session Oct 12 • public access tbc

Mighty Pencil drawing and words, the funny and the sad. Ongoing discussions with artist and PhD drawing researcher Emily Lucas. Recording Oct 13 • available at soon after

CANVASS talk 2019

Programme producer SELECT CONNECT and CANVASS artists talks Stroud 2018-19

Edge Arts Bath at Jerwood Drawing Prize