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Megan Clark-Bagnall

Megan likes to make fun/ny projects with people. She makes intergenerational art projects in the public realm, and celebrates the good and excellent in human nature, to create sincerely feel good art. Megan doesn’t make very serious art, but she is very serious about making art that connects people together.

Megan started working professionally as a visual artist and social maker in 2012, when she was appointed artist in residence at Crewe Swimming Pool, working in collaboration with local teenagers. Megan discovered their love for swimming in the pool on Saturday mornings, and shooting pool at the youth club on Saturday evenings… and so ‘Pool in the Pool’ was born. The two mayors of Crewe played pool, whilst Megan directed the teenagers (wearing pool ball helmets) to act out the game of table top pool, shot by shot, inside Crewe swimming pool. Later shown at The Bluecoat, Liverpool & Bristol’s Diving School gallery, this project shaped Megan’s practice.

Megan’s artistic interventions are often identified by the Barratt’s Fruit Salad chew colours; pink and yellow.


Virtual Art

As a freelance asthmatic artist in lockdown, I really needed escapism and to continue working – so these silly projects were founded on the honest need for love, self care & silliness for myself, and a notion that others might need this too.

Live Art

My practice is about LIVE shared experience, being in the moment, and celebrating togetherness.

Major Works


  • 2008 – 2011, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (L.I.P.A.)
    MA Contemporary Theatre Practices
    Date of Award: 11th July 2011
  • 2004 – 2007,  Dartington College of Arts, Totnes
    BA Fine Art & Visual Performance (Contemporary Practices)
    Degree Classification: (2.1) Date of Award: 26th June 2007

  • The Super Hero Award, The Big Worle (2019)
    Project : The Worle Wind Make Over – Produced by Terrestrial UK
  • Visual Arts South West, Artist of the Month (June, 2018)
  • Make It Happen Award, Worcestershire Innovation Hub (2018)
    Project : The Curiosity Museum
  • Inspiration Award, The Big Draw (2013)
    Project : ‘Bringing the Pages to Life’ at Poynton Library

Megan is currently known as:

1 // The Unofficial ClubHouse Manager for The #FilwoodFantastic Mini Golf Club.

A mini golf organisation Megan established during lockdown, through zoom and doorstep deliveries; 16 households each creating a different mini golf hole inside their home. These designs are informing the build of an IRL Mini Golf Course, being built in Knowle West, Bristol. The #FilwoodFantastic Unofficial Mini Golf Club

2 // A 34 year old (accidental) YouTuber : Make With Meg

MAKE WITH MEG – Subscribe to my YouTube channel here

3 // A travel agent, delivering Meg’s Package Holidays for lockdown holiday makers keen for escaping of the mind and Utopian travelling.

Holidaying at Home: A two part sofa-surfing adventure, co-created with Ramona Bigwood, mini film here:

“I’ve felt the waves and climbed the hills during lockdown” – Becky, Project participant

4 // Bingo Meg from Carboot Disco Bingo (Est. 2012 in the pub & still going strong) – Interactive disco dancing bingo game for everyone.

“This is amazing. We’re all doing it in the studio. You’ve brightened up our whole event. You’re fantastic!” – Claudia Winkleman, Claudia on Sunday, BBC R2, 26/03/2017

  • M2 AIR (Est. 2016) – An artist in residence programme for children with time, resources and Megan & fellow artist Ali Brown acting as ‘Sous-Artists’, each child artist envisages and builds a professional art project, in response to a brief, resulting in a uniquely orchestrated & interactive exhibition piece (more often that not, accompanied by Ribena in wine glasses).
  • NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK (Est. 2014) – A haystack built over several days using collected shredded worries, resulting in a finale search party to find an actual needle inside the stack. “A hinge on disconcerting collective and individual experience and an emphasis on the social.” – The Guardian Guide (2014)

  • 2019 – 2020, RULES DON’T APPLY – The Royal Shakespeare Company
    A 5 month solo art exhibition, created by Megan, inspired by themes from David Walliams musical ‘The Boy In The Dress’. Including a series of live art stunts called “Smash The Stereotypes”.
  • 2016 – 2019, Every Little Chef – The Wardrobe Theatre
    Megan & Owen travelled to visit the final 41 Little Chef restaurants before they finally shut their doors for good. In 2019 they held a theatrical funeral service for the chain at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.
  • 2017-2019, The Curiosity Museum – Produced by Equal Vision CIC
    An immersive artwork & workshop, exploring career advice in alternative ways.
  • 2017, AND Audio Tour – Commissioned by Addo & Arts Council Wales.
    Live art interactive audio tour with Pembrey Primary School.
  • 2016, The Pineapple Party – Commissioned by Bristol Biennial
    Dinner party style performance following the pineapple from plantation to plate.
  • 2015, An Everyday Party – Commissioned by Situations with Hand in Glove. Playful pop up party, performance & installation inside The Bearpit, Bristol.
  • 2013, Bristol, Texas – Commissioned by 34 Bristols.
    Live art performance & pop-up installation piece; Arnolfini, UK & Texas, USA.
  • 2013, Pool OUT of the Pool – Commissioned by The Bluecoat
    Also performed inside Bristol Diving School.
    An on-land community performance based on Pool In The Pool (2012).
  • 2012, Type Away – Commissioned by The National Trust
    Interactive type writing installation & live art piece inside Shalford Mill, Surrey.
  • 2012, Pool In The Pool – Commissioned by Cheshire East Council.
    The Flyers Swimming Team & Megan acted out a table top game of pool inside Crewe swimming pool, shotby shot.

  • 2019 , The Worle Wind Make Over – Produced by Terrestrial UK.
    A community consultation make-over project.
  • 2017,  ‘UTOPIA’ for South Gloucestershire Council.
    A ten-week art course for wellbeing designed for adults with low mood and memory loss using art therapy-like techniques.
  • 2016,  The Curiosity Box – Commissioned by Wiltshire Council.
    A growing interactive installation created through parents and children working in partnership.
  • 2015,  ‘History Through The Arts’ for English Heritage’s Kenwood House
    A year-long educational arts programme, created by Megan for family visitors to Kenwood House, London.
  • 2013,  ‘The Young Curator & Creator Programme’ for Meadow Arts Inspires
    Megan designed this educational arts programme for Meadow Arts, Shropshire.
  • 2013 , Bringing The Pages To Life – Commissioned by CheshireEast Council. A library art project for all
    ages, created for The Big Draw.


11.01.2019 – BBC One Points West. (Every Little Chef)
29.09.2014 -BBC One Points West. (Needle In The Haystack)
14.03.2013 – BBC 4  ‘Heritage! The Battle for Britain’s Past’.


January 2019 – Over Ten Regional & National Radio Interviews (Carboot Disco Bingo)


22.01.2019 – The Daily Mail
22.01.2019 – The Birmingham Mail
22.01.2019 – The Daily Post
23.01.2019 – The Daily Express
22.01.2019 – INEWS

‘Disco Up Cycling Should Only Be Encouraged. As should Carboot Disco Bingo, A Popular Festival of Thrift Pastime.’ – The Guardian Guide (2014)


13.04.2013 – Tweet: @Itvcarolegreen – ‘Great Show – Bonkers But Fun’.


‘Ferguson’ By Simon Webb