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Jude Hutchen

Jude Hutchen subverts familiar objects and forms to create an accessible often comic route for reflection on issues which are culturally side-lined or just plain invisible.  Her artwork often adds images and text to familiar domestic or consumer world to highlight political narratives which are hard to take responsibility for.  The works are playful, using colour and dark comedy to invite consideration of disparate and sometimes difficult ideas.   With a background in painting but working across mediums including print making, assemblage and installation she is strongly influenced by Fiona Banner,  Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Broodthears and Hank Willis-Thomas.  She also has extensive experience leading community based arts programs and groupwork, rooted in the cross community arts projects she led in post war Bosnia (1996 – 2000).


A Colour Chart for Killing Series

Strongly influenced by her experiences in post war Bosnia Herzegovina this series makes visible issues around post empire Britain as a military nation.  The political is brought into the domestic realm through the format of DIY objects to highlight both our daily connection and profit from UK warfare.

The works were exhibited as part of the academic festival ‘Conscience, Conflict and Commemoration’ (April 2019),  a re-appraisal of the legacy of the UK post World War One – ‘the war to end all wars’.  ‘Ten Twenty six Forty – a response to a culture at war’ (2018) presents these works alongside writings on activism and art and references to contemporary UK culture.

War Machine

A reflection on the mechanisms and impact of war culture and domestic counter terrorism measures: the hidden ‘enemy within’, the impact on young people, radicalisation (in many different directions) and social profiling.

A Little Book of (utter) Bastards

While the subject matter of this publication may be over subscribed creating little books to sell and share is a key part of Jude Hutchen’s practise.