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Isobel Manley

Isobel is a Bristol-based artist who centres her work around nature and social constructs.

Working with sculpture, performative sculpture, found objects, sound, animation and film, Isobel places together materials and forms that would not usually meet. The dialect of being human is the surrounding internal and external debate within her work. As human beings we are a part of everything (nature), but at the same time we perceive ourselves as different (culture).

Isobel studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, graduating in 2019 and spent time as an Erasmus exchange student at Universität der Künste, Berlin. After graduating Isobel was accepted onto the Venice Biennale Research and Stewarding Fellowship by the British Council. In 2020 she has taken part in talks at the Arnolfini for UWE Fine Art Students and online with The Artist Project Space. She has been awarded a Venice Biennale Scholarship from UWE and will be taking part in a group show later in the year at the London Metropolitan University. She is also due to begin a MSc in Sustainable Development in January focusing around how the cultural/creative industries can develop their sustainable approach.

picture of Isobel


the dentist said that I need two fillings /

Performative sculptural installation on a timed loop. The hoover switches on and off sucking the air from the vacuum pack showing the shapes of the sculpture inside. The digital animation shows a camera exploring the inside of a rendered tooth.

the dentist said that I need two fillings /

Sculpture, digital photograph and animation featured in Rung magazine.

the mesentery /

Performative sculpture with digital animations which change colour with heat as heating elements turn on and off with timer.


BA Hons Fine Arts, University of the West of England, Bristol (2016-2019)

Erasmus exchange, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany (2018)

Venice Fellows, London Metropolitan University, London, 2020 (future).


RUNG vol. ii, online and publication exhibition, 2019.

That’s Nice, UWE Degree Show, Spike Island, Bristol, 2019.

Spike Island Open Studios, Bristol, 2019.


Rundgang, Hardenbergstraße 33, Berlin, 2018.

Kino 3, Spike Island, Bristol & Banqueting Hall, Chelsea, London, 2018.

Hover Car, F Block Gallery, Bower Ashton, Bristol, 2018.

Lady Lazarus, The Crypt, St Pauls, Bristol, 2018.

Greyscale, Southbank, Bristol, 2018.


Mouth Wash, The Vestibules, Bristol, 2017.

Year 1 Show, UWE Spike Island, Bristol, 2017.

Spike Island Open Studios, Spike Island, Bristol, 2017.

Flesh, The Crypt, St Pauls, Bristol, 2017.

Pay and Display, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, 2017.

Communal Crisis, UWE Spike Island, Bristol, 2017.

Venice Biennale Research and Steward Fellowship, Venice, 2019.

Arnolfini & Venice Fellowship, talk for UWE Fine Arts students, Arnolfini, 2020.

Curation Killed the Cat, online workshop for The Artist Project Space, 2020.

Venice Biennale Scholarship, University of the West of England, 2020.