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Ian Chamberlain

Ian is a senior lecturer in Drawing and Print and M.A Multi-disciplinary printmaking. His work investigates man-made structures. Reinterpreting them as monuments placed within the landscape.

Ian has had a longstanding fascination with technology and architectural forms, these have included structures within industry, agriculture, science and the military. Ian is interested in the use of a traditional Print process such as etching being used to record subject matter that is generally at the cutting edge of technology for its time.
The etchings become an extension of his drawing allowing him to record the location through the interlinking processes of drawing and printmaking.

Ian has exhibited extensively within the UK and Internationally.


Goonhilly Earth Station

The two etchings – Sat.I and Sat.II – are based on the satellites at Goonhilly Earth station, the largest satellite Earth receiving station in the world with over 60 dishes of varying sizes. It is located on Goonhilly Downs near Helston on the Lizard peninsula.

Goonhilly is synonymous with innovative British engineering and technological skills and for being at the heart of the satellite communications industry. Goonhilly beamed the Moon landings to millions of viewers in 1969, Live-Aid in 1985 – it took part in almost every major satellite communication development.

The Atlantic Wall

This etchings The last stand and Shifting Sands form part of my ongoing research project titled ‘The Atlantic Wall’.

The Atlantic Wall offers contemporary relevance and a symbolic connection with current social and political debates around visible and invisible barriers. Some of these visible barriers from the past remain, isolated architectural symbols of permanence slipping into failure and decay, becoming a visual metaphor of the shifting political, social and environmental landscape.

Transmission Series

Since 1957 the Lovell telescope has been probing and investigating the depths of space, a symbol and monument of our wish to understand the universe. Even now it remains one of the biggest and most powerful radio telescopes in the world investigating the depths of space, gathering information that was completely unknown and undreamed of when it was created.

Teufelsberg Listening Station

In Berlin, the Teufelsberg Listening Station formed part of a global network of listening stations, run by the U.S. National Security Agency to intercept satellite signals, radio waves, microwave links and other transmissions from communist East Berlin.

Each of the globes at the station contained huge 12-metre satellite antennas and the most sophisticated spying equipment for the time. This relic of the cold war now lies abandoned after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


  • MA Multi Disciplinary Printmaking, UWE , Bristol –  1999-2002
  • BA (Hons) Illustration, UWE, Bristol – 1995-1998

  • Victoria and Albert Museum – The Last Stand and Fort I
  • Bristol Museum, – Blockade, Shifting sands, Mirror I and Dome I
  • The Pallant House Collection  -Sat VI
  • Tate Modern – Up in the clouds
  • The Ashmolean, within the RE Diploma collection Oxford, UK  – Fort I
  • The University of Chichester collection – Transmission II
  • Royal West of England Academy, Bristol UK – 1984
  • Drawing Projects UK permanent Collection – Sat IV

  • Monuments Remain Solo exhibition, Drawing Projects UK, UK (2019)
  • Echoes from the past, A- Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2017)

  • National Original Print Prize 2019, London, UK (2019)
  • Visions of Science, Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath, UK (2018)
  • Process, Process, Process, Anise Gallery, London, UK (2018)
  • Echoes from the Past, Emrooz Gallery, Isfahan, Iran (2018)
  • The Jerwood Drawing Prize, The Jerwood Space, London, UK (2017)
  • Jealous Needs You: in collaboration with Jealous, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, (2017)
  • Revue, Bearspace gallery, London, UK (2016)
  • The Masters , curated by Norman Ackroyd, Bankside Gallery, London, UK (2016)
  • Original Print Show ( curated by Norman Ackroyd), Zillah Bell gallery, Thirsk, UK (2016)
  • Neo: Print Prize, Bolton, UK (2016)
  • Aesthetica Art Prize, Finalist Exhibiton York St Marys, York, UK (2016)
  • Timeline, Bearspace gallery, London, UK (2016)
  • Drawing into print- Impress Print Festival, Gloucester (2016)
  • Alignment, Anise Gallery, London (2015)
  • Recording Britain/John Ruskin Drawing Prize finalist exhibition, Trinity Wharf,
    London, UK (2014)
  • Back from the Front/Shock and Awe, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, (2014)
  • Edition, Edge of Arabia Gallery, London, UK (2014)
  • Print and Design Now, Bearspace Gallery and SW1 Gallery, London (2011)
  • Drawing Matters, Chapel Row Gallery, Bath, UK (2009)
  • Drawing Matters II, Methuen Gallery, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK (2008)
  • Bristol Contemporary Open, Paintworks, Bristol UK (2008)
  • 156th Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England, Bristol, UK (2008)