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Hannah Murgatroyd

Painting and drawing on a large and small scale, Hannah Murgatroyd works within what she calls ‘an island space of the imagination’, her figures and landscapes emerging out of both instinctual sensation and staged imagery. Born in Bristol and raised on Dartmoor, she studied at the Royal College of Art and the Royal Drawing School, and on moving to Germany in 2009, discovered painting. Returning to the UK in 2014, she won the Exeter Contemporary Open, and was included in ‘Women Can’t Paint’ at Turps and ASC Galleries in 2017. She had a solo presentation at Draw Art Fair in 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery with Von Goetz, and was in ‘Monster / Beauty: An Exploration of the Female / Femme Gaze’ at Lychee One in 2020, curated by Marcelle Joseph. A mentor on the Turps Correspondence Course, she is based between Somerset and Devon.



Hannah Murgatroyd’s paintings and drawings can be seen as permeable slippages of past, present, future held in one image. Embracing the relationship between fiction, memory and an idea of the real, conversely, the physicality of the human body and the emotional resonance of gesture are ever-present currents. Her approach is circular, the works forming an open narrative by association, told through landscapes and interiors inhabited by protagonists who spring from the history of art, culture and human existence, as much as through a life lived.


‘Monster / Beauty: An Exploration of The Female / Femme Gaze’, Lychee One, London
‘Paintings on, and with, Paper’, Cob Gallery, London

‘Draw Art Fair’, Saatchi Gallery,
‘Bucolica’ solo presentation with Von Goetz, London, UK
‘Spike Island Open 2019’, Spike Island, Bristol, UK
‘The Wellington Club Art Collection: Season One’, London,

‘Residency Showcase’ as part of Von Goetz Frieze Week Residency, London, UK
‘Clay Rendering’, Century Club, London, UK
‘The Story of Zebedee’, Post Institute / Von Goetz, Brixton, UK
‘Our Souls to Keep’, Field Projects, NY, USA
‘Spike Island Open 2018’, Spike Island, Bristol, UK
‘Women Can’t Paint’, Turps Gallery, London, UK
‘Night Follows Night’, Gallery 98, Ramsgate, UK
‘Turps Cloud’, Turps Gallery, London, UK