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Elita Robertson


Curator Statement
Elita Robertson [she / her] is an MA Curating student at UWE Bristol interested in sociology, new technologies, platform capitalism and ethics. Elita and Ellie met through Elita’s curatorial placement at Bricks, where Ellie’s work epitomised many of their shared interests: alternative documentation and communication methods, the intersection of art and research, and navigating social practice in the contemporary gallery space. This led to Elita curating Ellie’s exhibition as her final project of her MA Curating.


Elita Robertson is an MA Curating student at UWE Bristol, having graduated with a First in BA Sociology at UWE last year. She grew up in the Orkney Islands of Scotland and spent some time in South Africa as a child; these contrasting locations sparked an interest in social dynamics early on. Moving to Bristol for her undergraduate studies deepened this interest in improving society with central themes of her undergraduate research being new technologies, platform capitalism and ethics. It also reignited her passion for the arts which have been a longstanding influence on her life leading her to merge these interests through an MA Curating with an integrated placement at Bricks. Through the course, placement and opportunities that have arisen through these she has realised the importance of community across both rural and urban locations.

Elita Robertson portrait