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Dean Coates

Dean Coates is a ceramic artist exploring the impacts of the Anthropocene and the geological, biological and human tensions that exist in these continuous spaces. Referring to, science, philosophy and politics he makes objects and installations to stimulate discussion and speculation around this geological epoch.

Dean is based at BV studios in Bristol, holds a BSc in Earth Sciences and an MA in Ceramics from Cardiff. He sits on the board of trustees at Bricks.

Dean Coates in his studio working on a sculpture



  • Ceramics MA, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • PGCE Bath Spa University
  • Earth Sciences BSc, Oxford Polytechnic


  • Creative Distancing, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christie. USA (2020)
  • Lets Talk About the Anthropocene, Grande Parade Gallery, Brighton. UK (2019)
  • BV Studios Open, BV Studios, Bristol, UK (2019)
  • Spaces Reimagined, KOSAR Gallery, Bristol, UK (2019)
  • BV Studios Open, BV Studios, Bristol, UK (2019)
  • Igneous Futures, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, UK (2019)