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Charles Emerson

Charles Emerson studied BA Hons Photography at Falmouth College of Arts. His fine art work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally. Charles also works for a number of commercial and editorial clients.

Charles Emerson is a fine art photographer who explores the creation of palimpsests by building layers within his photographic work. Whether using physical layers constructed in a studio, creating multiple exposures in camera or using objects and effects in front of the lens or within the camera itself.
Charles’s work is often described as ‘painterly’, he grew up surrounded by his father’s etchings, paintings, and sculptures. As a youngster Charles aspired to be a painter also, instead he discovered photography to be his medium.

Charles does not aspire to create straight physical representations of his chosen subjects but rather to create a work that is imbued with a greater depth and is in some-way intrinsically connected to him as an artist.


Myth And The Mountain

Mountains defy us and define us. They are a backdrop to our lives, they are a timeless and formidable power and they have long been the home of legend and myth and the spurs of imagination and aspiration. Not surprisingly, mountains have been the haunts of deities in almost every religion throughout the world. Their daunting cliffs and powerful weather systems makes them unattainable by ordinary mortals and has invested them with a sense of the sacred and mysterious. It is on mountain peaks that we can envisage the marriage between the heavens and earth and in many civilisations they have duly become associated with both life and death.

Images Of Broken Light.

An on-going project exploring the techniques involved in making photographic works in the field. Building on techniques used in my Myth and the Mountain project, I continued exploring multiple exposures and introducing physical elements to abstract the works to greater extents. The aim is to escape the ‘reality’ of a location and to create scenes of pushed sublimity and otherworldliness. So far this project has been shot in a variety of locations worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Japan and Turkey.


This photographic series captures a particular moment in my studio, everything you see within these works happened and is real. I construct a set using a glass tank, water, glass plates mirrors and more. The scene is then lit with a combination of coloured and UV lighting.

Flowers are submerged in the tank as the core of each piece, then inks, dyes and paints are introduced to imbue the scene with a sense of movement and life. It is this decisive moment which is captured within these works.


– Lend Your Ears + Open Your Eyes, The Auction Collective, The Koppel Project, London

– The Spring Auction, The Auction Collective, Menier Gallery, London

– Orbiting Fuji, White Conduit Projects Gallery, London

– Orbiting Fuji, Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum, Japan

– Solo-show, Antlers Gallery, Bath

– Kindred, Curious Duke Gallery + Antlers Gallery, London

– Blacklight, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

– F-Number, Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

– Old Beliefs, Antlers Gallery, Stroud

– Sky Studies, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

– Still Chaos, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

– Creative Review Photography Annual Exhibition, Aubin Gallery, London

– AOP Open Photography Awards, The Dray Walk Gallery, London

– Botany, Antlers Gallery, Bristol

– Sony Photography Awards, London, New York and Sao Paulo

– RWA Open Photography, Royal West of England Academy of Art, Bristol

– Dreaming Out Loud, View Gallery, Bristol

– The Economist – Black Lives Matter Photographic Essay

– Front Cover and feature in Duzhe Magazine, China.

– Flower Works featured in Photographers Companion, China

– Intelligent Life, Myth and the Mountain Photo-Essay

– Intelligent Life, Online Video Interview

– Time Magazine, featured on LightBox and in Magazine

– ‘The Weight of Your Love’, Editors Album Artwork

– A Rose from Auschwitz featured in The Sunday Times Magazine

– Awarded twice in the Creative Review Photography Annual – Flowers / Myth and the Mountain

– Sony World Photography Awards, Professional Awards Winner – Still Life Category – Flowers

– Wallpaper Magazine Awards for A Rose from Auschwitz

– Spectrum Photography Award