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Annabel Other

Annabel Other is a multifaceted artist living in Bristol. For 22 years, she has been the Head Librarian of The Bristol Art Library: a small, travelling library which houses over 300 unique books, each made by practitioners from across all areas of the arts. She is also the proprietor of The Old Shoe Factory, a micro arts centre. Most recently, Other has become a D.J. who transforms into a horse whilst at the turntables and co-hosts a club night called ‘The Early Evening Disco’ (for people who can’t stay up late). She is currently in the midst of writing a musical about the Library.

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The Bristol Art Library

The Bristol Art Library is fully functioning library house in a wooden cabinet the size of a small suitcase. It contains over 300 books, whose subjects range from palaeontology to astrology. The books are 4 x 5 inches.  The Bristol Art Gallery was selected as part of Channel Four’s Slot Art Series. Membership to the library is free to join.