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Alice Sheppard Fidler

Sheppard Fidler builds sculptures and installations and uses her body within the work, taking the mundane and transforming it through a process of re-construction and  re-configuration. The work derives from what she refers to as ‘the rubbing up against the everyday’.

The tools and language of a past creative practice in set design act as material for the work, as does the action of reuse, not just for environmental concerns but as a way of accessing the stored narratives within materials.

She thinks of the works as ‘temporary stagings’ in which the transience of the work is key, whether it is an object that can be packed away or a performance which cannot be repeated. The work seeks to control the human figure by appearing on the point of departure, encouraging immersion in the moment.

Sheppard Fidler currently lives and works near Stroud, Gloucestershire.


Transience and Permanence

The installations in this body of work focus on something impermanent, something passing, rather than something present.

Boundaries and Disorientation

In this series of works the same everyday objects are used, however, is not clear where one work ends and the next begins. Familiarity and disorientation are used in equal measure.

Transformation - Space and Scale

The major function of these works is to activate and control the figure within the space, working with the fixed parameters that are always present: the scale of the space and the scale of the human form, even if the human form is absent.

The Rule

The Rule, while being a piece of sculpture, is a tool for examining new spatial boundaries and the effects associated with physical separation.


  • BA Textile Design, Middlesex Polytechnic, London (1986-89)
  • MA Fine Art, University of the West of England Bristol (2017-20)

  • Site-specific Installation Feedback Loop, Studio 18, Brimscombe – Sept 2019
  • Site-specific Installation Surfeit, empty shop, Stroud – April 2019

  • Bus-Stop Community project, Studio 18, Brimscombe, August 2020
  • Incendiary exhibition, Pound Arts, Corsham, Apr – Aug 2020
  • Falling Walls – Berliner Zeitgeist, St John St Gallery, SVA, Stroud, Nov 2019
  • Ghost Mills, St John St Gallery, SVA, Stroud, Sept 2019
  • Lumen: Cosmos, The Churchill Hospital Gallery, Oxford, Aug – Oct 2019
  • Lumen: Cosmos, The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, July – Aug 2019
  • Summer Show, St John St Gallery, SVA, Stroud, Aug 2019
  • Studio 18 Open Exhibition, Brimscombe, June 2019
  • FOAM, Interim MA show, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, May 3-8 2019
  • Incendiary exhibition, Landsdown Gallery, Stroud, Feb 2019
  • Sit Select Winter Exhibition, Landsdown Gallery, Stroud, Nov 2018
  • Royal West of England 166 Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol, Oct 2018
  • Everyone Is Very Happy and Not Confused, Interim MA show, Hamilton House Gallery, Bristol, May 24-30 2018
  • Royal West of England 165 Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol, Oct 2017
  • Stroud Site Festival, Open studios, May 2017, ‘18, ‘19
  • HLS Gallery, Stoke Newington, London, 2017
  • Art Gemini Prize finalist London, Sept 2017
  • Affordable Art Fair Battersea, 2013-2017
  • Columbia Road Gallery, London, 2013-2017

  • Curator of SMALL TALKS – a monthly programme of events supporting artists and artistic practice in the region, hosted in the studio and online, 2019 – ongoing.
  • Founding associate of FLOORING artist collective,  launching SEPT 2020.
  • Free online mentoring and support for young artists during and post lockdown (18-25yrs) March 2020 – ongoing.

  • Self appointed artist in residence – building site – former Comrades Club, Nailsworth, Jan 2020 – ongoing