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A room full of people sitting and chatting to one another, with fairy lights and bunting hanging above them.

Count up your points, if you can. Quite frankly at this stage of the evening, points seem irrelevant and a distant concept now!

The first ever quiz night was held at St Anne’s House on 01 Dec, and we had an absolute blast.

From Hotlips to Anna Kournikova, the night saw the community come together and compete in a twinkly lit St Anne’s House. Guests took home signed photos of super stars such as Anjelica Bell, locally made hot sauce, Lost & Grounded merchandise and much more.

We were joined by The Roti Shack who set up a pop up food stall, with delicious curries and roti fresh off the pan, and special winter cocktails such as ‘A Sailors Christmas’ with warming rum and baked orange.

The evening bought together the tenants and artists from the building, neighbouring organisations and teams, local residents from down the road, as well as those travelling across the city to visit us!

A special thank you to:

Rob: who hosted as Quiz Master / Dan: who provided a disco DJ / Antony: for running a mushroom round / Georgia: for running a food and drink round / Ruby: for running a ‘guess the famous Anne, Anna, Annie’ round / The Roti-Shack: for the yummy foods / Kerian & Matteo for running the bar and helping with the evening / and Erin: for making the evening to to life and dedicating so much energy and time!