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Lara Bell

Artist Lara Bell in sunglasses and a hat, crouching behind a plinth with a balloon and hair on.
Lara Bell

I am a multimedia artist and love working across sculpture, photography, performance and installation.

My work has been exhibited in the RWA, Bricks, White Post Lane Gallery, arebyte London, Bristol School of Art, Secret Garden Party and Nozstock: The Hidden Valley festival.

For the last two years I have been exploring the uncanny from a psychoanalytical stance – the tension between horror and curiosity, repulsion and desire.

I am excavating my Selves as a first person plural. By honouring my disjointed time-line I seek to understand the human, to unlock feelings and emotions that stand on the periphery of who we are. Who I am.

 I converse with my Selves and give space for each part to be seen, felt and heard through spontaneous play, following my instinct for materiality and using my past role as a researcher to excavate the history of the uncanny, delving into the role and function of shame and trauma within society.

My work is often fragmented, playful, full of rage. It simmers with sinister undertones investigating memory, its many contradictory multi –layered forms.

Conversations around what it means to be different, to feel like you don’t belong in your body, in this world, or even to yourself, are always welcomed.


Untitled, 2022

Balloon, plaster, rubber gloves, pubes, maniacal laughter and screams.

eLYSIUM, 2022.
The Last Ballbag, 2023. Latex, pubes, wire, foam.

Fragments Of Memory, 2023.

Glass, seaweed.

Bringing The Sexy Back, 2018.