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Climate Action Plan for Brislington

We are thrilled to be part of Bristol Green Capital community climate action Project helping put together an inclusive plan for the Brislington area!

The Project puts community leadership at the heart of citywide and local action on climate and inequality. We want to find common ground on priorities, support people to take practical action and make the most of what is already happening whilst bringing in more people to the conversation. To do this we need you!

What is a climate action plan?

A document which details priorities and steps to be taken to achieve goals around climate and nature. Our focus is the co-creation of a community climate action plan – which draws on the experience and knowledge of people living in Brislington who have the most at stake with changes made in the local area.

What do we mean by inclusive?

That any plan or activity brings in perspectives and makes space for people who are marginalised or excluded. We want to make sure all voices are heard, and create an action plan which represents the views and experiences of people from across Brislington. It also means we want to be inclusive of a broad range of ideas related to climate and nature action.